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Anyone happen to have their center console apart?


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I've just finished a center console R&R and I have parts leftover :(

Namely, they're two tabs/clips, one of which I had labeled "choke cable hold down" (the one with blue tape). I failed to photograph this part when I took it off and now I'm at a loss as to where it goes. There doesn't seem to be an appropriate boss underneath the console to screw it into, and the choke cable seems to hold itself in place just fine. It's not a very long run from the lever assembly to where it tucks under the radio. Also it's so close to the shift boot and the choke light switch wire, I don't think there's room for hardware to hold it in place.

Here are the tabs in question. Can anyone recall where they live? This is on a '73.


Here's a shot I did take so I'd remember how a similar tab was oriented to hold down the choke switch wire. I remembered to put this one back...

Context: this is taken from inside the car with the console tipped up towards the passenger side door, which is open there in the background. The "window" we're looking through is the fuse box lid. Maybe the tab goes in the boss in the upper left corner of the photo?


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There are several of those tabs along the driver's side of the console that hold the choke cable & the other wires neatly aligned. I actually don't use mine because its a pain to get the console on & off with them on there. Once I'm finished with my project I may use them. There should be screw holes in the console where they go.

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^yikes, that would be even more challenging than the screwed in tabs. It's probably a Series I vs. II thing, when the consoles changed.

My smaller tab (with blue tape) definitely goes in the empty screw hole in the upper left of my second pic. Does anyone recognize the larger tab? Still don't know where that one goes.

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