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I think this guys reserve wasn't meant. What is something like this valued at? Last I saw his first auction it was at $5700 with less than a day left.

Datsun : Z-Series Turbo in Datsun | eBay Motors

Exactly what I am looking for other than it isn't 2+2. But I can ignore that if the price is right!

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There is a local 81' 280zxt 2+2 that looks similar to this condition wise.

Datsun : Z-Series Turbo in Datsun | eBay Motors

decent bit of rust all over. Rear end, wheel wells, the body near the windshield trim. T-Tops don't leak. Apparently the local one runs though just fine. 100,000 miles on an automatic transmissions.

The lady asked $1,800 and dropped it to $1,500 while I was looking at it. I told her no 3-Days later and she said that she can drop the price. Would it be worth it? Even to just have a beater until the body is gone and pull the motor? Or would something in this similar condition be worth restoring as in fix rust and repaint.

Interior just needed new carpet, seats reupholstered and some armorial. Dash actually looked very good and they lady says all the electronics work. (Just need to charge the battery to verify)

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I saw that car on eBay yesterday - it's down to 950 BIN, by the way.

It's a goner. It's going to crumble away, but if you need a car to putt around in for a while, you could do worse, provided it runs as well as she claims.

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Instead of thursday or friday, went today.

Ahhh... It was like a family meeting looking at that car. Speaker wires everywhere, screws all up in the dash, it was sad. Craiglist ad was $3000, the sticker on the car said $1600.

Get it for $1k, would make a nice restore as the thing had minimal rush spots. Just a few spots on the back and then a surface spot on the roof and hood.

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