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Central Florida?


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Hello all!

This weekend I am being relocated (as per Uncle Sam) to the Orlando area. While I am very sad to say goodbye to Indianapolis and the rest of the Hoosier State, I am excited to partake in year round Z weather. I will be starting the tear down and body/paint work after I move in so I will also be interested to find out more about some local shops. I figure anything from Tampa to Daytona is fair game.

Are there any active clubs in the Central FL area?

Anybody have any body shop recommendations?

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funny you posted this at this exact moment since I am in Orlando on vacation! I have a buddy who lives down here and I can ask him about body shops. Enjoy the nice weather. You get that beast running?

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Hey Steve... sure did! The Mikunis need a little tuning, but she's back on the road. I got a local shop to fab the exhaust up last Thursday and I was at cars and coffee on Saturday. Pulls strong, 5th gear is awesome and that STi LSD is the way to go!

Any info you get from your buddy would be greatly appreciated.

Apparently there were a couple clubs down there that recently merged and are now calling themselves Sun Central Z Club or something like that. It seems like they are ironing out the details, but they have a website and are on Facebook so I'll be keeping up with that. If anybody here has any input that would be nice.

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