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Louvers - Post Your Pictures of New Louvers and where purchased


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I watched Craigslist for a couple of years and ran across an ad for a Z parts car that had the Chastain Shadow louvre on it. The gentleman was willing to sell me just the louvre (picture attached- louvre has been painted) though they don't sell them anymore. I had this kind on my previous 240Z back in the 80s and liked them because they didn't screw on though that kind would have worked as well. I have an interpart louvre key I am willing to mail to someone that I found in the parts car. Seems odd that the louvre key in the car was for a different brand of louvre. Looks like one of the vendors that advertises on this site sells a Z car louvre.


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I seem to have Hi Jacked this thread from jkeese01. I would be interested in the louvers if jkeese01 does not want them. He should be first in line. Would you have some pictures and a price you could send or post? Thanks JB

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Hi jcb,

Go ahead. I'm looking at some new louvers online now and was hoping to find someone with better pictures than what is posted by the online stores. For used, I'm looking in the Tampa area so I can avoid paying more for shipping than the cost of the louvers.


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