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240k sump onto a l28

nathan 240k

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Have you re-located the oil pickup strainer to the 240K sump pickup point?

2 ways of doing this; A or B

A . You'll notice at the bottom of the block there is an identical 'tab' on the L28 block which is located in the same location as an L24 block. This 'tab' needs to be drilled until you reach the oil gallery which runs alongside the block. You'll then need to tap thread holes to mount the oil strainer. Then block off the original L28 pickup point.

B . From the original L28 position, extend the pickup arm so that it fits exactly within the L24 sump. This can be done by cutting the pickup arm, and brazing another piece in. This I guess is the easier option but you must be sure the pickup fits deep within the sump bowl.

As for the dipstick, some simply relocate this to the side of the sump, I've gone down the route of drilling into the forward section of the block and having it looking all original.

Good luck

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Guest Flauski

I went with option A, but you need someone who has experience with these engines to do it, if they stuff it up ..... well you just wasted an engine.

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