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Retractable Seat Belt question?


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I just received my restored belts back from Ssnake Oyl products and they look good. I will post a photos on my tread documenting the restoration of the retractable belts. I noticed and did not document prior to shipping them out one way or the other the following and wondered if someone with original retractable seat belts could check it out for me. The left belt white label is face down when stretched across your lab and the top of the label is up (toward roof), the right belt is also face down when stretched across the lap but the label is top down (toward floor). Is the consistent with original installation of the labels?

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Sorry Jerry - no help here. From use, both labels seem to have worn out and fallen off my 72. 80K miles now..

Carl B.

Carl, Thanks for the try. I am relatively sure that they got it correct but I want to make sure as soon as possible in case I need to send them back for change. They sent back the old belts but one of the lap belts is missing the label like yours so I can not compare. I did notice that the labels are still on the shoulder harness belts and the labels are both sewn on the same way so when they are installed one will be upside down. I believe that in production they probably sewed the labels on all the belts all the same thus making one upside down and one right side up when installed but like I said I would like to confirm this. Although a little pricy the belts look good.

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I found 1 more set of very rusty retractables and both labels were pointing up and covered the fold where the belt is sewn back to itself to hold the latch end

Thanks Les, I guess now the question is, is the directional sewing of the labels random? Anyone else?

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