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Z car ads?


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After perusing several pages of Z car ads, one thing seems to pop up in most of them and that is mileage. I am beginning to wonder if a lot of folks and dealers in particular don't realize the odo turns over at 99,999. About 80% of all the ads show odo readings of 20 to 60K miles, are there really that many Z's with low mileage? Hmm makes me wonder!

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My car had 32000 miles which I seriously doubt. More like 132000 miles. The wear on parts is also proef of that, unijoints, wheel bearings etc.

I wouldnt be suprised if most cars the milage was +100000 or even +200000. Specially if its a daily driver and remember they were a cheap sports car. Lets face it we are not talking about an exotic sports car.

Mine has been standing in a shed since 1992, which means it travelled about 9000 miles a year in the period 1977 to 1992. Thats not that much.


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