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"GT Phanton" headlights


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Found these review mirrors on eBay: Here

Got them for Christmas, thought they looked like they were made from crappy cheap plastic (probably are, I mean the name on the sticker says Phanton when I'm guessing it was supposed to say Phantom)

Lots of flashing made them look sort of bad as well, I thought.

I took a razor, cut off the excess flashing, sanded down where I cut. Then I sanded the whole of the exterior, cleaned with acetone (which seemed to react with the plastic once the outside was sanded off) and rattle canned in flat black to match the rest of my nearly finished matte black car that I'm currently finishing the wrapping of (in vinyl).\

I think it looks pretty good now, and here's a couple pictures for reference:






(the last picture shows original on left, painted on right, except the paint is not quite fully dry)

The main reason why I wanted them was because they look so much more like they are JDM, but a fraction of the cost (I'm seeing JDM go for around $300 online, and that's when I can find a source), and these will be better than the bullet style mirrors which I find too short.

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If there is a financial gain to be made, some Chinese business will copy and sell anything. I don't know that any profitable intellectual property that is simple to copy is actually safe any more-between corruption and indifference there isn't much protection regardless of international law. That is sometimes a problem for having things made there as well-the factory runs 9a-6p for the one who negotiated for goods to be made, and 6:01p to 8:59a for the owner/manager of the factory.

Refinishing the mirrors looks good.

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