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Quick Question: 280z Fuel Lines

Zachary Lawson

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1978 280z:

My Z fuel pump was pumping air. It seems like the metal fuel line inside the tank is rusted maybe. I reversed the fuel line with the return line. The car starts and runs much better. Are they any negative effect to this? How could I repair the fuel line? Thanks

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Could you estimate how much that would cost?

I was quoted $400 by a radiator shop to split the tank, clean it out, epoxy-coat the inside, and reassemble. That seemed pretty steep to me, so I didn't do it. Repairing/replacing/refabricating the pickup should be a relatively minor addition to that job.

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Ya think?! I don't go to that shop anymore.

FAIW, I had a rusted fuel intake repaired somehow long, long ago on the '75 I drove in graduate school. I don't know specifically how it was repaired and can't remember what it cost, but I do remember it wasn't particularly expensive.

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