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Fuelly.com --- see what gas mileage ACTUAL owners get

Wade Nelson

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Shows the fuel mileage bell curve for the Honda CR-Z I just picked up.

You can check any vehicle, any year, or use it to track your OWN mileage.

I'm not sure if there's a corresponding smart-phone app or not......

I thought I was getting worse than average mileage in my 1992 4-Runner, esp since I live at altitude 6500', but it turns out...I was actually doing GOOD compared to SOME owners. No repairs / investigation needed.

Tip: You got a car with over 100,000 miles? Replace the 02 sensor(s) for 1-3 added mpg's. They get tired, they still work and won't set a code,

but they simply don't respond as quickly to rich or lean conditions.


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I tried the app when I had an Android phone, the version in use then was not especially useful, the mobile-friendly web interface was better. Now that I use an iPhone, I just enter it all on the web.

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