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A Good Z Day


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While walking around the parking lot for Caffeine & Octane, my friend (and fellow ClassicZCars member) Pete said, "Hey, Steve. A Z the same color of yours just drove into the parking lot." I strained to look, being about 4 inches shorter than Pete and having trouble seeing around all of the open car hoods. I finally made out the roofline of the Z and noticed it was smoking badly.

I split off from the group and went around on my own for a few minutes. I found the smoking Z and met its owner, Steven. He lost the alternator belt just before getting to the meet, causing the car to overheat. I told him where the nearest parts store was and let him know I had tools to do the job. (I like to carry a set of tools with me in case someone needs them.) I gave him my number and a card for the Georgia Z Club, then I continued on my way to take pictures. I met up with Steven again over by the group of Z cars. Another GZC member had a spare belt, and spots were opening up in the lot, so Steven brought his wounded Z over. I dug out my tools and a pair of work gloves for him to use, and he got the belt on. We talked about putting tension on the belt, and I came up with using the tire iron from a Z to get the tension. It worked perfectly for him. Next, I told him that we needed to check to see if he got enough tension on the belt. I didn't have a tool to check the tension, but I did have a multimeter. I told him to start his car and take it up to 2K RPM. The voltage at the battery was 14.1, so it looked good. He topped off the coolant, and the Z crowd stood around talking for a while. Before he left, I suggested that he burp his cooling system. Boy, did that cause a mess.

Anyway, Steven was stoked about strangers helping him so much. He was saying he was definitely going to check out the GZC. It felt great helping out a fellow Z car enthusiast.

Also while at Caffeine & Octane, another GZC member gave me a turn signal switch to rehab for him. I got it torn down and back to working. I started a new blog for my Z car stuff, and I plan on posting the pictures and writing up my work on the blog soon.



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Definitely sounds like a good day Steve. A round of applause to you and everyone who helped Steven with his Z at the show. I have always said that the greatest thing about the car hobby is the people you meet and that day at the show proves it yet again. Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures.

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