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quarter window interior plastic


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It is part of a kit that was reproduced originally for Nissan's Z-Store Project. It is what I have in my car and I found it essentially identical to the original stuff. FYI though, you can probably by the entire kit from MSA, Classic Datsun Motorsports, etc. for not a lot more than I have seen the individual pieces selling for.

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FWIW, I put the 4 pc. kit from MSA in my '73. There are some differences ie. no vent holes (but that's OK as they don't really do anything...there are no corresponding holes in the car body). I found that the fit was not perfect. You WILL have to do some trimming and some of the fastener holes don't line up as well. That being said, the panels are made of a thicker plastic, and they look quite nice when installed. They come in black, but I used a SEM spray color to match my tan upholstery. My old ones were covered in a velour material that was glued on and impossible to remove...the panels were also very brittle after 30+ years and broke when taking them out. The new panels were much more flexible.

Cheers, Mike

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I've installed the MSA vinyl panels in two different 240Z's, and a kit from Les in my current Z. They looked to be from the same manufacturer. I second that some fitting is required. Outside that, I found the panels to be of good quality.

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