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Turn signal + relayl question


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Left turn signal lights are on but will not blink. Right side works fine, hazard lights work fine. Both left side lights come on and so does the dash indicator light. I have not tried a new flasher yet, thought someone might have an answer for me.

I also have searched the FSM but cannot find what the relay that is under the passenger side seat is for. Mine has melted the plastic and I have unplugged it with no apparent loss of what ever it relays to. I need to know what it does and if I should replace it and if so where do I find one.

Thanks for any help anyone can give. John

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Answer: something is causing too high of resistance in the circuit for the left blinkers. The high resistance is preventing the flasher from heating up enough to open the circuit to blink. Corrosion in the light sockets or in a connector could cause this. Too low of wattage bulbs, such as LEDs could do it, too.

For your other question, have you looked at the FSM in the BE section for the relay under the seat? Can you tell us what color wires are on the wiring harness side of where the relay plugs into?

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Steve, Thanks for the reply. You guessed it. I replaced the bulb in the front light and it started blinking. Bulb was the right number but old. Looked like original.

I looked in the body elec. section but never found what the relay is for. The wires are as follows: Black-Blue-Green with yellow stripe-Green.

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It's the brake warning lamp check relay. You'll find it on page BE-92. It's connector number 11. The circuit is drawn on BE-35 and described starting on BE-41.

One thing to note is that the coil for the relay is powered from the L terminal of the alternator, so the coil is energized whenever you have voltage at the L terminal. The warning lamp is lit whenever you pull up on the parking brake or let the fluid level get low in the reservoir.

Anyway, you might want to check the voltage from the blue wire to ground with the car running just to make sure the alternator isn't putting out so much voltage that it's frying the relay.

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