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73 204z 4 cylinder!


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Which would suggest there is a problem with those two cylinders not working as they should.

Do you notice the engine running roughly before this?

This could be caused by a number of things. Lack of spark at those two. Badly fouled plugs. Poor compression caused by burnt valves, or overtight rocker adjustment.


Remove the plug wires one at a time, and with the engine running, hold the end against a metal part of the engine. A spark should jump. Use insulated pliers to hold the wire.


Remove the plugs one at a time, and place or hold, with some insulated pliers, with it's wire attached against a metal surface on the running engine. There should

be spark across the gap.

If you have spark, then the problem is low, or no compression.


Remove the rocker cover and check rocker adjustment. And now would be a good time to do a compression test.

Could be burnt valves. Could be pistons burnt, though not likely. Could be broken rings, though not likely.

Anyone else?

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