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240z Alternator upgrade to '82 280zx (Maxima '82)


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I'm about to upgrade alternator. I study 12si, CS144, Nissan Quest alternator swap, but I chooses easiest way to just swap with '82 280zx alternator.

When I went to junkyard, I found '82 Maxima 2.4l and '82 280zx.

Both have 60Amp alternator.



Since Maxima's alternator cleaner, I pick that one.

I learn basic from here.



Got diode from Radioshock


I could not find how to wire 240z to get ride of voltage regulator.

Based on the information, I think I got right wiring diagram.


Do you know this is the right connection?



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After swapping with original alternator (Hitachi AL232X 50amp) and this custom plug, everything works. I can shut off engine without problem. Even though ammeter looks working without swapping with 280z ammeter. I haven't check whether this is accurate or not yet.

It just 10amp increase, but I can get rid of Voltage regulator and also less problem with internal IC voltage regulator build in the alternator. I'm happy with this result.


In order to swap alternator, I need to use Maxima top alternator bracket since original bracket is bended to fit to the smaller size of alternator.

If someone will perform this swap, make sure to get bracket with alternator together at junkyard.

Also, diode at Radio shack only comes with 2 now. Anyway, you need just one for this work.

1N5402 | Catalog #: 276-1143


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