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Need to ADD a Neutral Safety Switch


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The Z is almost ready for inspection, though Alberta requires there be a neutral safety switch in working condition. Since I have a `70 4 Speed with straight stick linkage, I don't believe that was ever a feature. My solution is to wire in a switch to the clutch pedal, that basically ensures the car will not move if started in gear. Now, obviously there are a 1,000 ways to go about this, but surely someone here was already done the guess work.

My first thought is to install a 2nd brake pedal switch to the clutch pedal, to act as an interconnect to the ignition. I would rather not cut anything in the ignition harness, so I would probably just run a heavy gauge wire to put the switch inline with the starter solenoid lead, after the ignition. Will that work?

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Alright, looks like the mounting of a switch will be the only challenge then. Judging by a wiring diagram I found on this forum, it looks like the Black Yellow wire runs directly from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid on manual transmission cars. In the event there was an automatic transmission, it may pass through an inhibitor switch first. Once I find a suitable switch for this task, I'll dive into it and cut that BY wire nearest the switch I'm able to.


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If memory serves, that Inhibitor Switch IS the Safety Interlock you need.

However, if your car was not originally an automatic vehicle, your wiring harness will NOT have that included in it. Additionaly, I believe the inhibitor switch is located WITHIN the automatic transmission housing as it also incorporates a check on the reverse lamp.

Are you sure that your transmission doesn't have a safety interlock already in it? The reverse lamp is on a Red/Black and Red pair of wires, other color wires coming out of the transmission COULD be what you are looking to install.



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I have the "Series 1" 4-speed. The reverse sensor is the only sensor in the transmission, and the auto wasn't an option yet. Good news is, I found an inspection facility that said this modification is not necessary. Bad new is, I can't post pictures and help for anyone else that runs into this dilemma.

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for anyone interested the easiest thing to do would be to install a pressure switch that is activated when the clutch is fully depressed. cut the YB wire and wire them normally open to a relay pos (30 and 87). ground the relay pos (85). run power top one side of the clutch switch, the other side to the switch portion of the relay pos (86). when the clutch is depressed the switch will ingage the relay and connect the two ends of the YB wire.

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