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Northern California Weber (maybe Mikuni) tuning day anyone?


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I will have to ask Keith about Mikuni's... One of our members here and a friend of mine Silver Streak, dropped off a Mikuni carb for Keith to look at and model. I believe that he developed jetting for it and I hooked him up with some Miki guys for beta testing but I have not heard anything from those guys. So, the answer to your question is maybe... Sorry.

Rob -

Let us know what Keith's viewpoint is on the Mikuni's - I have several jets and so forth and have tested last year with my AF gauge - I have been keeping a spreadsheet with the different jets and how they effect my driveability - like to know Keith's results for the engine that he has tested with the different Mikuni's.

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Just FYI guys, Keith is doing some R&D. It looked at one point as if he would completely make the previous "Obert" tube obsolete but now it appears he may just be doing a redesign of a portion of it. At any rate, it will be a while before we do a clinic as there might be a change that you would not get to take advantage of.

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