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Pulled OEM engine from different car to put her back into matching numbers car


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This was my first time pulling an engine alone and putting it on a stand. Fortunately, when I bought my 260 the guy threw in the car that he pulled the engine from that was running and put into my Z I bought. He gave me all the matching numbers power train to go back into the car, after I work on it of course.

Thankfully for me, the OEM engine that was pulled, was all unhooked and not even bolted in. Now it's time for the breakdown and the rebuild. So far y'all have been very helpful on the books I needed for this job and they are helped me more then I can thank you for.

I have posted PICS in my album to show my progression so far (I know it's small but it's a lot for me) so please take a look and let me know what you think.

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Looking good! I see your keeping your rebuild book close by, I carried mine around for 2 months. It's all marked up with high-lighter ink and greasy hands. That knob on the leveler got in the way for me too. I bent it horizontally and used a socket on the other end. Keep up the good work, your doing something now.

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yeah I live by that book right now. Unfortunately, it only talks about the engine and has nothing to do with the transmission bc they were put into my parts car independently and I was having a heck of a time getting the drive shaft out of the tranny until I searched on here to find out I can just pull it out once I yank the tranny... THANK GOD this site is here to help me out.

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One note, "Numbers Matching" is commonly understood to mean that the Engine Block # is the one that is stamped on the Model Spec Tag in the engine bay, and that tag's VIN matches the car (Firewall and Door Tag).



Oh yes, exactly. I must apologize for my ambiguity or broadness in my description.

When I purchased my 260, the older gentleman who owned it told me that the #3 piston froze on him and instead of paying to repair it, he pulled the whole engine out and replaced it with a running engine from another 260 he had on his property. Upon me purchasing the running Z, I was able to get him to trow in the donor Z that had the matching numbers engine within it. Not running (to my knowledge), but matching numbers none the less. The tags and stamps all match; this is something that I made sure of before taking the cars from the gentleman.

I thank you for your clarification and apologize if I explained that poorly

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So my car is partially apart, engine bay is clean, working on disassembly and clean, powdercoat of suspension components. My engine is getting there little by little. Should be a nice car when its done. I bought it, drove it a bit with the L28 that was installed with round top SU's. I just don't like it as much so i'm going with an L28ET and i'll keep the good L28 as a spare for when my other Z's L24 finally retires. I've got eibach springs, new struts, poly bushings all around, MSA sway bars ready. Should ride pretty good, this one has a 5 speed tranny too.

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So just got info on my engine being rebuilt.... Head gasket blew, and we assumed that the engine wouldn't have be honed, but the blown gasket fried the rings so now it has to be re-honed. However, I was told that the block will be getting dipped, painted and polished when all good to go. How awesome is that!?!?

I'm so excited, I can't wait to see it!!!

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