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Throttle Valve Switch adjusting


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My car ran bad before I rebuilt the motor so I did a bunch of stuff trying to make it better like messing with the TVS. So now it runs almost perfect, it's like I'm in a dream or something, but at 2800 to 3000 it is like a power band kicks in. I've adjusted the TVS up and down for the past week and still can't get it right, I'm close right now so I'm asking, at that RPM the WOT contact is closed I suppose, so does the width between IDLE and WOT need to be farther apart? In my mind since it runs so much better when WOT is closed they should be closer together. Almost as soon as it's off idle contact it should be on the WOT contact. But I've learned to do right the opposite of what I think is best. So somebody that's closer to normal thinking help me please. On another exhaust note I'm at 467mi. on my way to 500mi. break in, WHUPEE!

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What I read in the 77 FSM or 82 FSM for L28 was off idle ~1400rpm and that the WOT contact should be in ~ 3/4 of the way to the floor with the pedal however you can not set the idle and WOT spread w/o bending the contact vanes.

Maybe your AFM needs to be set for a bit more fuel?

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I used my cordless fingers to bend the WOT vane a little and it helped a lot. And I've been thinking about adjustment on the AFM. I'm flowing so much more air with the header and 2.5" exhaust, also opened up my intake to match the N42 head intake ports, I believe that it needs tweaking a bit. I've put the 500 miles on and am going to change the oil and plugs and let my mechanic friend with all the tools fine tune it. He's got one of those high dollar timing lights and a CO measuring device and knows how use a OHM meter, which I can't. Thanks for all your help.

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