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Anybody ever seen this? My 1977 280Z original interior


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All of the cloth insert seats I've seen have been in AZ cars. I think the black vinyl cooked enough legs that somebody started doing cloth retrofits. It was either done new by the dealer, or the sun killed the original vinyl on the doors and seats and someone had it redone at an upholstery shop .

I bought one 240 that had something similar, but with a SouthWest pattern. It was nasty looking. I probably have old film pics somewhere.

The bill of sale says "deluxe interior" as well as other unusual additions such as "desert cooling package" and a another one or two.

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I know that the fabric was shown on the catalog with 2+2. I did not know they had the same fabric on the door panel.....Amasing !

Do you have the sun burst yellow car? Is that a ZZZAP car?

Yes it is the sunburst 411 code yellow. Half of the people think it is a Zap and the other half say it isn't. It has a side decal, louvers, and racing mirrors but the decal isn't the same as in the ZZap ads. So still a debate whether it is just a yellow '77 with SAP or not. I will post some pics.

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My early 77 has cloth inserts although not so 'fancy' as those. It's the tan interior with tan cloth seat inserts, none on the door panels though. I originally purchased the car in CO but it's in AZ now. I would post up close pics of my carpet for grantf, but i replaced my carpet with the fitted/molded MSA kit. Exact same color but the carpet is a little thicker pile, although that could have just been wear. LOL nice kit, good color match

i can snap photos later if you still want, grantf.

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