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2+2 vs coupe clutch kits

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The 2+2 clutch is slightly larger in diameter and has more clamping force. I can't remember if the 2+2 flywheel has a larger diameter finished area or not - just to be safe I'd get the 2+2 flywheel with the clutch assy. if I were going that route.


Carl B.

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2+2 clutch friction surfaces are 240mm, all others are 225mm. Do not intermix flywheel and clutches naturally. 240mm plates have 9 bolts, 225 have only 6. If you get a complete kit, flywheel and clutch, they will fit any z, no matter the size. Spines are the same, crank bolts and pilot bushing are the same.

Beware of different installed pressure plate finger heights though! The finger height off the pressure plate (where throw out bearing touches) + throwout bearing thickness + throwout bearing collar height must be a constant, so a fatter clutch pack than what you have with the same sleeve will leave less room for motion and may not release. With all the different manufactures out there, be careful! Best to stick with your stock size if you don't have access to different collars to "play"..

There are many posts about the various collars that are out there and which trans/clutch flywheel that match, but I have yet to hear or see (or measure myself, lazy...) the magic total height that the pair must add up to. All the A, and B Nissan trans require the same total height, its just a matter of which clutch + which collar adds up to that height, within some tolerance

You may also find 240mm clutches have a heavier pedal. Again, depends on the manufacturer and the state of your hydraulics!

But yeah, cheap is right. I'm betting those "new" flywheels may not be sourced from Nissan.... Just a guess.

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