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1975 C110 (KHGC110 240K) Build

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  • 4 weeks later...

I had these door skins (cards) delivered from Japan last week. They are in pretty good condition overall but will need some work. They are from a late model GTX and had the extended arm rests which have been filled. The finish leaves a bit to be desired but it's nothing that can't be fixed. I'll drop them into the Auto trimmer I'm using this week.



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After getting my tail light rings back from chroming the next parts to do were the fuel cap and breather.


I pulled apart the fuel cap completely so I could send the cover alone. The pin in held in place with a small cir-clip, once removed it just slides out with the spring etc. I'm going to look at fixing the lock up also, it's pretty sloppy. Not sure what the options are here at the moment.



Just got the parts back today and they look great.




Next I need to mask them off then respray the parts that should be black. No doubt this will be a fiddly job because the top of the fins need to be chrome. I'll have to wipe the paint of by hand with a cotton tip and some thinners after it's sprayed. I'd LOVE to know how this was done from factory :D

I've also got some centre caps coming which I'll mask with the "R" logo and then spray in a metallic black to complete the original look.

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Best way to repaint these is mask off the bulk and use basecoast black mixed with alittle hardener and let dry for a few minuts.

I use a product called high strenght degreaser and its made by PPG http://www.ppg.com/COATINGS/REFINISHMIDDLEEAST/COLLISION/PRODUCT/COMPLIANTSYSTEMS/Pages/1122_Ancillaries.aspx

Its between normal prepsol and thinners and works well for cleaning paint off without taking heaps off like thinners does.

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out of the 3 i have i got 1 mint 1 and another is split in 2 but i could save it and you cant even see the crack and the other one has a piece missing. will take a pic of the split one if you want.

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Work has been incredibly busy so I haven't found much time to do any work on the car recently. Last night I finally found time to complete the tail light rings and breather/fuel caps. Masking them was a pretty fiddly task as there are many small faces and lots of angles.



Once the parts were fully masked off Troy hit them with some 3M adhesion promoter to help the paint stick to the chrome surface and then a 2 part black with flat clear. Then I had to use some thinners and cotton tips to remove paint off the top of the fins.


Then time for some dinner. Troy's shop is just down the road from one of the best Curry shops I've been to, and they make a great curry pizza too! :D


So finally these parts are complete, they now look brand new again, much nicer than the way they started out.

Before -



After -





Now all I need is some replacement centre caps. I'm not sure if I'll get these from City Auto in Japan or make them yet....

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I dug out this gem tonight. I picked it up from Japan a few years ago as new old stock. It suffered some minor damage in storage, a couple of scuffs on the paint work. We tried using some thinners to clean off the paint scuffs and the original paint wiped straight off. It turns out The original paint is acrylic (duh...) so its a bit of a blessing in disguise, I'd much rather repaint the whole piece in 2 pack and match the over fenders and grill. The thing I'm most pleased about is that having this part will allow us to colour match to factory spec. :)


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I sent my bumpers away to be straightened and re-chromed a couple of month ago or so. They were in pretty poor shape with a lot of dents and surface rust etc. I used the same place that did my electroplating on the headlights and tail lamps.






I picked them up from Vinny's (http://www.vinneys.com.au) yesterday and the results are spectacular. They look better than new, I don't think the chrome finish would have been this good from factory! I'd highly recommend them for any Australians looking for metal work. The turn around time on work is generally very good and the cost per bumper is $300ex tax. When you consider the finish of these bumpers and the work that goes into this I think it's very good value!






The next thing I need to do its fit some stainless bolts into the reflectors so I can fix them to the bumpers and then source some replacement chrome plated fixing bolts for the bumpers, I'll try Rare Spares or worst case, Yahoo Japan. I'm also goign to assemble the parkers/reflectors and fix them back into the bumper so I'll take some shots of the finished product :)

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