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A/C unit removal?


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I have a 72 240z. It has an air conditioning unit, and I was wondering is I removed it from my car will the removal of the A/C unit effect the car in any way, like performance, idle, or anything? Appreciate the help


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Guest 240 Al

Being an old fart, if it were I. If it's functional I'd leave it on. But having removed one on a "72"[location was high up on pass.side]

it made a noticable differance in handling.It will be replaced with a later rotary mounted low on the drivers side.If you are going to remove it have the refrigerant recovered.It's a $20,000 fine to vent it into atmosphere. 240 Al

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The load the A/C puts on the car is very little when it is off.When its on the compressor clutch engages and creates the load.If it works I'd leave it.I removed one when I was a teenager.I soon found that dating in a hot car/stuck in traffic or having to attend an event that required a suit was bad.I went on a job interview in the summer and arrived sweating like a whore in church.I didn't get it.If it's your only car I'd leave it,but thats just my 2 cents.I shake better than I drip! Have fun Daniel

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Sports car have no business being air conditioned.

Having said that, Let me state that there's been a couple of days last week I wish mine was!

My first 72 had an inoperable A/C that was terribly installed. I felt much better about the car once I had completely remove all traces of it's existence. The engine compartment looked right and the passenger foot area was clear of all that mess. My current 72 never had one.

Between the roadster, the Z and the 65 320 truck, there's not an A/C to my name. My last A/C was in my 78 510 (A10) wagon. I kinda miss that old bird! Especially last week! Whew!

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