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Reference Materials - Manuals

by, Mike Gholson

If you're smart, you'll buy multiple manuals. Don't rebuild your Z-car with only one manual.

It was unfortunate for me to find out that some manuals may have a incorrect specifications. In my circumstance, I torqued a ball-joint bolt right off. Upon consulting another manual, I found out that my setting was 10lbs too high! This was not only a shock, but, I had to go order a new bolt.

Therefore, here are the manuals I suggest (in order of importance):

1 - Factory Manual

Buy this at your local Nissan dealer or you can order it from Courtesy Nissan.

2 - How to Restore Your Z-Car (by Wick Humble)

This manual doesn't have all the data you need, but, it has "real life" ways to make that rebuild a whole heck of a lot more simple. It's a great book that has a lot of valuable information.

3 - The Z-Car CD-ROM

I'd be nuts not to recommend the Z-Car CD. It contains computer graphics which have been scanned directly from the original Nissan Microfiche. It has *EVERY* part number and diagram that was only given to the dealers. The best part about this CD is the fact that you can print out pages and take them down to the dealer. I highlight the parts that I need and assemble a shopping list from that. Check it out here: http://www.240z.org/cdrom.htm

4 - Haynes

I've found pictures and descriptions in this manual that have helped me debug problems. It's also a great cross-reference. And, if you believe it.... it has more information about torque and other settings when compared to the factory manual.

5 - Chiltons

The Chilton manual has some information that can be valuable for cross-referencing. They also include diagrams that aren't available in other manuals.

[This message has been edited by Mike (edited 03-22-2000).]

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Originally posted by norcal z:

BTW Mike, the link for the CD-ROM didn't work - it took me to the Peak website (yours??). I was sucessful going through scarab.240z.org homepage, however.

The link should work by now. We had a few problems with our ISP.

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