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82 Ignition module E-85 Sucks!

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I recently changed spark plugs.

I went to start engine with a no start

Most of the modules last from six months to one year.

Of coarse the module cost as much as a rebuilt dizzy

I use to rebuilt the didtributor myself - lots of owners blame the problem on the pick up coil within the distributor

Replaced distributor number 5 in 5 years Auto Zone Lifetime Dizzy

E-85 module label is Nissan

Installed rebuilt dizzy and engine ran 20 minutes then died with no restart.

Went through entire coil, dizzy harness, relays.

I am thinking another bad module??????

This is the only faulty component I have had on this 27 year old car.

I took one module apart and it looked like a total "mind****" - the engineers at Nissan must have been "braindead" when they made this POS.

I am taking the rebuilt back to Auto Zone for another.

Has anyone run across a "bulletproof module"?????

If anyone has a idea of how to fix this - the drinks are on me


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