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  1. Thanks for the Rock Auto Source You have been a great help!
  2. I recently changed spark plugs. I went to start engine with a no start Most of the modules last from six months to one year. Of coarse the module cost as much as a rebuilt dizzy I use to rebuilt the didtributor myself - lots of owners blame the problem on the pick up coil within the distributor Replaced distributor number 5 in 5 years Auto Zone Lifetime Dizzy E-85 module label is Nissan Installed rebuilt dizzy and engine ran 20 minutes then died with no restart. Went through entire coil, dizzy harness, relays. I am thinking another bad module?????? This is the only faulty component I have had on this 27 year old car. I took one module apart and it looked like a total "mind****" - the engineers at Nissan must have been "braindead" when they made this POS. I am taking the rebuilt back to Auto Zone for another. Has anyone run across a "bulletproof module"????? If anyone has a idea of how to fix this - the drinks are on me
  3. Steve J I found bad wire in fuseable link. Thanks! Now I just need engine to start. Checking for fire at the plugs. Thanks Again threez745
  4. traced problem as far as ignition switch. Jumpered 12v to ignition switch, the results were - relays working, starter motor running ok, fuseable link ok, thermo switch wire attached ok. Ignition switch will not turn off with it jumpered to 12v. checking continuity to ground from igniton today and ignition relay.There must be a fuse out from the ignition switch to its 12v source? Where is the fuse? The ignition relay may be stuck open? Should the (-) side of the coil be grounded? The coil wiring checks out ok from the ignition module, all connections are good. Battery good Battery ground good (new) Battery hot wire good. Ground wire from distributor good. Ignition module is tested and good. Wires to EIS computer good Coil tested and good Cap rotor good Blue wire to minus side of coil Black with white stripe to + side of coil replaced 27 year old ignition switch Service manual shows power transister on (-) side of coil. The newer coils have this built in for electronic ignitions. If anyone has had no power to ignition switch problem - let me know.
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