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pick stuff more from a roadworthy opinion, and more stuff that the cops would target.......I had installed zenon head lights, with aftermarket globes...they came off.......had reversing wiring cable tied to one of the brake lines...they came off.......had to install a CAT.......all gromets in the firewall and boot........and it failed the brake test first time, too much rears, had to install a proportioning valve.......didn't question any of the welding, front engine mounts, gearbox mounts, diff mounts, adjustable rear A frame mounts, not even the rear rabbit ears on the calipers!

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This engineering thing that you guys have to go thru sounds like way too much government on the surface. If the quality of the service is top notch, then it probably is worth it as far as assuring the road worthyness on projects. Is it required on everything or just modified projects?

I know there are cars here with brake jobs done by owners under the shade of the old apple tree that will put me in the garage when they are on the road.....

Anyway, smoking job on your ride..... Congrats

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