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started gutting my 260 today - PICS!

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My 2nd week of putsing around with the 260Z, and it just gets more fun and I'm still sane.

I started yesterday by taking out some really easy carpeting that was rotted, plus I looked it over to plan my next day. So I wake up today and know that I'm going to be washing the car. It's spray painted black, but I can't stand dirty cars anyway, so I had to get all the dirt and grime and dust off that I could. It's raining, which is cool because I want the rain to wash all the gunk away as I clean the car.

Eventually, I'm done washing it and let it drip dry. No point in wasting MF towels or waffle weave on this sad beast. Now on with the pics.

I had the help of another Z enthusiast. It's nice to have handy people who like working on cars.







Driver's side (pretty bad with rust that just doesn't stop:




We also suspected that something had been living in the air ducts of the car. We were right.




To be continued....

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I put everything that I thought was important back in the car until I can find better storage for it. I'll probably need another work bench to put all that stuff on. Otherwise, I kinda like the 'clean' look of a gutted interior. It looks way better than when I had the carpeting and what not in there.

I threw a lot of the nasty stuff away. Dash is not doing so well, IMHO. The top is severely cracked, and the cubby hole for the glove box is crushed upwards which squeezed the box.

I'm going to sift through all the parts I took out and see what I can sell. A lot of it is original parts which still work.

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I just picked up a Z as well, here in socal. I am going to be gutting the interior soon to find out just how bad the rust is. I dont think its quite as bad as yours, yet im being told to find a better candidate already by other board members. What are your intentions with yours? How is your rear hatch and quarters? How is your roof?

Im just trying to guage what others are undertaking, and what they are letting go to scrap to find out how bad my damage really is.

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My rear hatch is perfect. No damage at all. Roof looks good, too. Basically, everything from the rear quarters back looks good.

Here's a pic, but I can take better ones if you need them.


I plan on cutting out the floors. The engine is a mess, but that's more grease and zip ties and bad wires than anything else.



I did notice this, though. I'm guessing that's just surface rust on the frame behind the front wheels.





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It's funny you should say that. I feel a bit unsafe in the car, hence it's not being driven. Came straight into the garage for some serious 'surgery.' I'm taking it slowly so I don't frustrate myself.

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I could use a new dash, obviously, but I also want a new and better steering wheel.

BTW, the stick shift is loose. Has anyone else taken it off and added washers on each side of the pin to make it tighter? Does that make sense?

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hey would it be possible for me to buy ur emergency brake cable???

Probably not since I wasn't planning on getting rid of it.

Probably just the rubber bushing. You could replace it for cheap. You're along way from having to worry about that though.

You the same smoothz as at zoom?

Yep' date=' that's me. Tell me more about this bushing please. :)

I had to laugh at all the debris under your cowl. I had the same exact thing on my '73Z. Took me about an hour to vacuum every thing out. Looked like the car swallowed a tree.

It's a shame that some people will let that happen. I guess circumstances dictate how well one takes care of a car.

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There is a nut on the bottom of the shifter. When you remove this nut and pull up the shifter there will be a rubber bushing there too. Replacing both of these items should tighten up your shifter.

The brass bushings replace stock nylon bushings. I am not using the brass ones yet but I hear they work wonders.


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Started working on the 260 again yesterday. I drained the oil and coolant. My god it was old and nasty. I can't believe the oil drain plug is 22mm. I might have to invest in a Fumoto oil drain valve.

I guess it's time to get more serious and pull the engine out and start tinkering, cleaning, looking at the inside of it to see what I need to replace.

I should invest in an engine rebuild kit.

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door hinge bushings for less than half of what the ebay bushings run.

38377 is one part number, another has 4 assorted hinge bushings 2 sets of which will work. I can't think of the part number for that set.

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Alright, after a few weeks off due to shoulder surgery and what not, I'm back in to the old girl. I was watching SpeedTV this morning and couldn't stand to watch the hot rod shows where they talk about rebuilding a car from the ground up. I decided it was time to get out to the garage, spend some quality time with my oldest son, and enjoy the nice weather we were having.

What did we do? Took out the alternator (tested it - failed), took out a bunch of hoses to try and get some more engine room, tried to take off the oil filter (damn thing is stubborn), took out the spark plugs and wiring, and took off those little hood thingy's (sorry, I don't know what it's called).

On with the pics!







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Moving right along. Give a shot of PB Blaster or something around the back of the filter. Maybe she'll break free in a day or two. It looks pretty clean to be frozen.

Battery tray looks pretty good too.

Did you make it to Osceola yesterday?


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I had a soccer game to coach/officiate on Saturday morning. I ended up doing a ton of stuff around the house after the morning game.

I borrowed a tool from my neighbor, but it was too small to clamp around the filter. I will take your suggestion and put it to good use. Maybe that'll help loosen it up. I think the previous person who changed the oil tightened it too hard.

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