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  1. hey guys so i just jumpstarted my car (cuz i left the lights on...otherwise the car's been running great recently) it was after that that i noticed i was overheating (like almost in the red) i checked out the radiator while it was still running and the fan wasn't running. is it supposed to turn on while the car is running or just once the engine is turned off? it looks like everything else works (no leaks or anything) but i havent checked out the thermostat or anything like that cuz i dont really know anything about how those work...womp womp... anybody got an idea of where to begin looking for the problem? oh also the temp gauge rises mostly when im idling but once i drive around a bit it tends to go down a little bit but not very much
  2. hey so the other day, my car stopped starting. the mechanic says its the control module under the dash. i have a few questions about this. a) what exactly is the control module? what does it do? is this what im looking for? and will it fit on my 74 Z? c) if not where can i find a control module? any help on this would be much appreciated!
  3. Hey I just discovered today that my coolant reservoir tank fell off its little hanger thing and ended up getting a huge hole melted into it...I have a few questions about what to do next... 1) I've tried looking around for another one but I can't seem to find one...is there a specific name for this part that I'm supposed to look up to find it? 2) I think I may have found something suitable, (http://www.zcarsource.com/content/p/9/pid/54932/catid/7691_8764/Coolant_Recovery_Bottle_75_78_used) but it's $95...is it supposed to be that expensive?
  4. http://www.gtmotorsports.com/project_car.php?vehicleid=13&featured_vehicle=yes&page=1#images_top is it custom? or can i just find it on a site?
  5. yea i know but i havent really found anything yet and im starting to run out of time...i guess ill start to chill out about it
  6. hey i need to find a parking brake cable for a 74 260z but i honestly cant find one ANYWHERE... zcarparts.com had one for $400 but it turns out that it's gonna take 4-6 weeks for them to get one...and i need it within like a week tops... does anybody know where i can find a store that will have one or is anybody selling one???
  7. well my mechanic doesnt know if he can trust that site cuz it doesnt have pictures... thanks
  8. nothing really specific im just looking for any good sites that u guys know of
  9. hey i just got a 74 260z and im looking for some parts. does anybody know of any reliable websites to buy new parts?
  10. hey would it be possible for me to buy ur emergency brake cable???
  11. yea so when i bought my z this summer it didnt come with emergency brake cables...i need them to pass nys inspection but my mechanic cant find them..does anybody have any that would fit my car? or does anybody know where i can find some?
  12. also what colors would u guys suggest i should repaint it?
  13. yea i mean the cosmetic stuff i can get fixed pretty easily but its probably not gonna be a daily driver really...i mean ill drive it up to school but i wont be using it everyday and if i do use it i wont be driving very far. and theres a car club here so finding tools and people to help me out wont be a problem thanks guys
  14. Hey guys, I'm new here! I'm a freshman in college right now and I just found this ad for a 1977 Datsun 280z. http://newyork.craigslist.org/stn/cto/1694878966.html What do you guys think of this car? And would it take to maintain a car like this? -Dank
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