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Fuel Line Woes...

73 240Z Man

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I have a couple of problems with my fuel lines that I need help with.

First, there are two metal fuel lines in the engine compartment coming from the tank. One is connected to the pump and the other is NOT connected and has, of all things, a golf tee shoved into it.:ermm: When the tee is removed gas comes out of the line. I am assuming that this is the fuel return line. The car has tripple mikuni's and the fuel line dead ends at the third carb. I am wondering if I need the other fuel line or can I eliminate it? If I can eliminate it, where should I cap it off?

Second, when I filled up the gas tank, gas started leaking everywhere...:angry: It was apparently near the top of the tank and I am assuming is the fill spout or something. I put in about 10 galons added to the 2 or 3 galons I am guessing was already in the tank. The gas stopped leaking after about 1/2 gallon leaked out. I am going to drop the tank and wanted to know what I am in for and what kind of tubing should I purchase in preparation for this job? (size, quantity, etc.)

In case my user name doesn't give it away, it is a '73 240.:cool:

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Well, that's a fine mess you have there.

First the fuel lines. There are 3 hard lines coming from the gas tank to the engine bay, and they are 3 different sizes so easy to keep straight. 5/16 is the main feed, 3/16 is the return, and the 1/4 is vent line. You should feed the carbs with the 5/16 line. What fuel pump are you running? Is the electric in the rear hooked up as well as the stock mechanical up front?

The gas leak when filling is most likely the big filler hose itself, at least that's the most common issue, but could be any of the vent lines as well. Just age, brittle and leaky will do it. Gas tank and all hoses has to come out for inspection and replacement.

Now the fun part, fixing all this. There is a thread here about eliminating the vent/recovery tank that is buried in the passenger side rear of the cabin behind the interior trim at the very back. In that thread you will find a full description of the tank vents and hoses, and how to take it all apart and eliminate many of the vent hoses. The vent lines are largely NLA, so folks have found ways around this naturally.

This is the thread you will need to read


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