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Datsun fan, new to Z

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Hi, new to the forum, so I'm posting here... to introduce myself.... in the introduction forum. My dad had a '79 810 when I was a little kid, and I learned to drive in my aunt's '81 720, and lo and behold, now I have my very own 1973 240Z! The catch is that it has been sitting for 10 years, so I have my work cut out for me, at least the engine isn't seized!


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Welcome! You'll find alot of good info here, there's tons of stuff to be found using the search function and if you can't find it there, post a specific question and the knowledgable will chime in.

I'm in the midst of going through a recent purchase that sat for 16 years outside in the arid Socal desert. Much worse than I expected. But have found many answers to Qs and frustrations here.

So take it from a fellow newcomer, go slow and attend to everything before trying to run or drive it. This link to another thread says it best... http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22619&highlight=valve+stuck

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Welcome to the group. If the Z has been setting for the 10 years that you say. Have you started the engine yet. Hope not if you didn't drain the oil and change filter. Most likely you will find rust in the gas tank , but maybe you are lucky.

In any case do change the two gas filters. The 73 has a electric fuel pump back by the gas tank and a in line filter between the pump and the tank. And the one up front by the alternator across from the mechanic fuel pump. Remove the valve cover and pour oil all over the valve train. Remove the spark plugs and put about a teaspoon full of ATF in each cylinder. DO NOT turn the engine with the starter yet. Use a large socket and ratchet or break over bar and turn it off the nut on the end of the Crank Shaft. These engines when setting have two valves open and the cylinders are subject to the atmosphere. Sometimes a valve stem will rust and when you turn over the engine it will stick in the open position . If you are spinning the engine on the starter or you do get it to fire off. With a valve stuck open you will bend the valve and can punch a hole in a piston. So take your time in doing this stuff and save your self a lot of headache and cash.

Let us know how you are doing , and congradulations on your Z.


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Hey Gary, Rick here.

Great job in describing the procedure. Would it help to jack up the right

(passenger) side of the car to make the engine block vertical, so you

could get an even distribution of the ATF?-- Just wondering.............

All Z Best,................................Kathy & Rick

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Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I haven't done anything but research so far, I was planning on draining all the fluids as soon as get a second set of jack stands to get the whole car off the ground. I turned over the engine just by putting the car in gear and pushing a few inches to see if it was all rusted solid and seized up or not, it doesn't even have a battery. Nobody around me seems to want to sell their cars with the batteries these days. However, as a bonus he threw in some spare parts, including a set of carburetors which I THINK are the more desirable bell shaped carbs as opposed to the flat tops of '73.

One thing that has me a bit worried is the fact that the brakes don't seem to work at all, and the brake fluid reservoirs on the master cylinder are empty. Parking brake works just fine, the pedal just sort of mushes to the floor and does nothing. I'm hoping a brake purge and bleed will solve this, but if the lines are leaking somewhere, ugh.

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Would it help to jack up the right (passenger) side of the car to make the engine block vertical, so you could get an even distribution of the ATF?

Two things.....I don't see anything that says the car has an automatic transimission and if it did, the ATF would be in the transmission so I don't see what 'making the engine block vertical' would accomplish .... just sayin'.

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