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Carpet Kit Confusion

Z Tyler Z

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Just got this carpet kit off of Ebay for my 76 280z.


Having trouble figuring out where these two pieces go. Ones 22 by 8 and the other is 23 by 9 at their longest and widest parts.


Also what's the part called that goes below the hatch and behind the seats. The part with the tool storage container on the other side of them. Looks like the seller forgot to include the carpet for them and I can't think of the what their called to describe it to the seller.

Thanks everyone. :)

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Looks like I'm just slow they go on the the sellers said "the two pieces in the picture I believe go from the door sill down to the floor along side the seats and back to the bulk head, which is the piece you correctly say is missing."

Also does anyone know if the bulkhead is the same for an early 260z and a 76 280z? The seller tells me they don't have a pattern for the 280z and wants to know if the pattern is the same so he can send me one.

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So Tyler just left here a while ago. We figured out that the front section goes from the firewall 2/3's of the way back, to the front mount area of the seats. The 2 peices above continue from the front seat mount to the rear seatbel/wheel well area. So it's been figured out.

I don't know where he got the kit but I wouldn't have paid that much for the kit. Sloppy work and poor craftsmanship. The short pile carpet frays very easily and the sewn on seam wrap looks as if you could just tear it right off. I'd say that Tyler is happy with the kit because he's never had an interior in the Z and this one makes the car look much less "Abandoned" as his dad put's it.


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How is the quality of that kit? Does it have the holes and snaps in the floor mats to keep them in place, and what backing does it have.


One of the 2 peices above was missing the cut-out hole for the seatbelt and the guy who sold Tyler the kit forgot to put in the Riser peice behind the seats. All in all, it's a good starter kit, to make the car look better but NOT a professional kit by any means.

There are area's where the sewn on lip isn't even sewn to the carpet and no care was takin to push the pile under the sewn lip, so it looks like a serious case of bed head on some parts of the lip. I would have personally cut the carpet with a Hot knife to stop the fraying and give it a cleaner look. But that's just me.....

But these are details that you have to look for and as long as Tyler's happy with the end results, I'm happy for him.


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Thanks. I probably wouldn't have even known for another two years. I genreally don't open things until it's time to install them.

I ordered the same kit. How annoying. I just canceled the order. If it's already shipped... RTS!

EDIT: There is a link over at Hybridz on this carpet kit. This guy did a decent job of installing them. I believe he added some trim to the edge of the carpets to keep them from fraying.


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