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'"72" 240z

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Actually, if you're having a wiring problem that you don't think you've seen a solution for, post a description of your problem here. There are several of us here who can help.

Also, be sure to download the FSM. It does have some good troubleshooting information.

When describing the problem be sure to include when possible:

1. Was the engine running or stopped?

2. What position was the key in?

3. Measurements of voltage, current, continuity, or resistance.

Also, you'll need at least a noid light. A decent multimeter will provide more useful information. You can get one that will do most of what you need at Walmart for about $20. If you don't know how to use a multimeter, there are guides online. All you have to do is Google.

Sometimes you'll find a wire has broken or corroded at a connector. I find that typical solderless terminals for male/female connections will work. I like crimping terminals onto wires with a crimping tool like this. There are also kits for terminals available online. Here is one of the better ones: Vintage Connections.

If you're having problems with headlights or turn signals, you'll want to look into Dave's (Zs-ondabrain) relay systems. I believe they are available through MSA, too.

If you have trouble maintaining the electrical system in your car, you might find that putting in a new one introduces a brand new set of headaches, and since the wiring won't be common to the rest of our cars, you'll be decreasing the amount of support you have.

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I don't think there are any simple solutions. Nobody makes a replacement aftermarket harnesses like they do for other cars. I recently thought I would have to replace the entire harness but after looking it over I just re-wrapped it and had to replace a few wires that were spliced from the PO. There are services out there that can rebuild a wire harness from scratch but that can get really expensive. I agree with Steve, is there a specific problem you are having that makes you think you need a new harness? When I started to take mine apart, I was amazed at the overall simplicity of it. It may only be a few wires that need to be fixed. Good luck.


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There are many idiocyncrsies on Z car wiring. Most of them are not a big deal. For example there is something on the Oil Pressure gauge that regulates the alternator. BUT if you keep the stock stuff it is fine. There are good diagrams available in color format from various places and some of the print outs are pretty good.

I have wired more cars than I can count. Used Painless, american autowire, haywire, I squared and probably some others. I would not want to wire a Z with any of them. Get a new fuse box from Motorsport if you really need one and work with what you have it will be easier than starting from scratch. There is a lot of good help here and better yet it is willing and better still it is free. HTH, Cheers Richard.

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