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Japanese classic cars fun drive/ cruise bbq july 11th 2009

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The Date has been set...JULY 11TH 2009... A nice cruise through the Angeles Crest Highway and BBQ Lunch at Brookside Park in Pasadena.

The Last 2 Cruises were awesome and we're hoping this one will be even greater!! After the cruise, join us at the park for a BBQ meet and greet !

Fun for the whole Family !! Come Out and Make Friends !! Drive that Car you Love So Much and Enjoy the Summer with Fellow Enthusiasts !!

Good Vibes ! Good People ! Good Food ! Hope to See you there ! Drive Safe !

email me if you have any questions: nsbjr7898@yahoo.com

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This event is this saturday..take out your z's from the garage have fun and drive them...it's summer time..

be at the Shell gas station or sport chalet parking lot at 8am

4530 angeles crest hwy

la canada flintridge, ca


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Wish I could be there but it is long drive from my current residence.

Angeles Crest & Angeles Forest Highways are terrific rides for a Z!

I travelled these roads many times in 1974 taking shortcut from Palmdale to Dodger Stadium.

Here's a 35 year old photo taken from one of those trips:


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I am so glad I found this site...

I was on another forum the other day and tried to guide a fellow car owner asking about the "Older Z" cars. The person was in the forum area of Asia & Pacific cars asking his question and needing some help.

I suggest he choose the "CLASSIC" car section Since our Z Cars are called Classic or Our Baby.

Well, I needed some stress relief because all the other replies got sort of nasty and Disrespected our wonderful Z cars saying THE Z CAR IS NOT A CLASSIC, "YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW YOUR CARS".

Hey everyone, if you find this irritating check out the forum on WeedHQ.com and look for the two areas above...

I sure would like these people to understand Their Understatements!

Z you later,


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