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Driveshaft came apart

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Well, I have been trying to figure out for the longest time what the heavy vibration my car does at any speed above 35mph. I balance the tires etc. The balancing helped a little. But after last monday I think I know the culprit.

Anyway, long story short I was on the interstate driving and then boom I hear this long rattle and after words I run over several metal pieces. I pull over immediately and check underneath. I see my exhaust pipe hanginf kind low so i figured it fell apart. I call AAA car gets on the tow truck and the driver points out that it is not the exhaust its the driveshaft thats hanging down.

Evidently the 4 bolts came out that connects it to the differential yoke. My question is is there anything else that I should check/replace when putting the bolts back in?

My dad says I need new U joints as well, but the joints are only in the front of the shaft according to my haynes manual. Any help is welcomed. Also should i get the driveshaft rebalanced since it hit the street?

Pictures will be posted tmrw.

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Damage done (dented my exhaust pipe):



Passenger side (knocked my bracket loose):



Rear (broke my rear bracket):


As for the rear should I take it to a muffler shop to get the bracket replaced? I have twice pipe (I think) it was on the car when I bought it. Not sure where to get that bracket piece from.

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Got it fixed. Now I need to get the exhaust brackets replaced. I'll try to do it myself If not I'll get a friend who owns a muffler shop to do it. The main brackets are sold at pep boys for relatively cheap. Thanks everyone for the input really. :)

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