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Whew finally back to having a computer and time for this...

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Well I'm finally back after a week of studying for finals, actual final week, and time with no computer access BUT now I have pictures to show!!! :cool::cool::cool:

Okay on to the good part!!!


I know some of them are unlabeled and what not but I'll try to get around to that...making labels is harder than most other tasks you know... the only bad part is that I totally forgot to take pictures of the car BEFORE the dismantling process began... :ermm: I guess that's what craziness gets you eh??? :stupid:

Well then I hope you enjoy!



Can anyone be so kind as to tell me where to find the engine #???


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Wow, you definitely have a lot of work ahead of you. Just break it down into small tasks and take them on one by one. Also, be sure to bag and tag things as you go along or putting it all back together will be a nightmare.

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The engine number will be on the passenger side of the block on the 2 flat pads between cylinder #5 & 6. The engine number that came with the car will be on the I.D. plate on the side of the passenger shock tower. The month and year the car was made will be on the driver's door jam. The true and actual VIN will be stamped above the brake booster on the firewall.

I know what you mean by the PO "fixing" things. I had a 72 where the entire sound system was installed with dry wall screws, about a pound of them.

Bonzi Lon

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Nate, post some pictures of the engine bay and the exterior of the car to get a better evaluation of the car. From what I can see in these pictures though, it looks really rough and even with it being a low VIN, it may be better to sell what you can off this one and find a better project Z to start with. Some of the unique early parts may have some value, even if they are not in the best of shape (like the spare tire, heater control panel, etc) so don't throw anything out just yet. There is an early plastic map light cover on the floor of the passenger side. You should pick that up and put it away before it gets broken.


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