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Hello Everyone -

I have 73 Datsun Z with stock suspension...I'm trying to find 17" wheels, but struggling finding them that I like. I know that panasport 17 x 7 with 11 offset will work....however I dont like the looks.

Does anyone know if this wheel will work:


D2 - 17 x 7.5 with +20 offset. I think I would need a spacer with 9mm.

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That should work OK, except that Z stock lug studs aren't long enough to use a 10mm spacer (you won't find 9mm, but 10mm would work) and still have enough thread to bolt up the rim. You'd need to replace all the studs with longer ones. That's not too hard in the front, but requires you to pull apart the stub axles and wheel bearings in the rear.

If you don't already need to replace the wheel bearings in back, you'll probably be better off using the +35 offset with 25mm bolt-on spacers instead. Those spacers will bolt onto your studs, and have their own studs to bolt the wheel onto. These spacers will be more money, but way less hassle than changing out the studs.

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If you keep it with stock suspension (not lowered), I'd think you should be OK with either 225/45-17 or 215/50-17. I don't think I'd go any wider than that. The only place I'd be too concerned is at the front valance (below the front bumper ends) when turning. Probably no issue at all if you use an air dam rather than the stock valance parts.

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so after considering all options - I did purchase the KONIG OPAL's 17 x 7 from motorsport auto. I then purchased 225/45/17 BF's....after they were all on the car (stock suspension- no modifications other than new KYB Shocks) - the front tires rubbed against the front rail and would not clear. I have ordered 215/45/17 - they barely clear but do look equally at great as the 225's

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