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Hello all,

I was just investigating under the hood, and decided to take off the cam cover. I found that the cam had a stamped E30 on there. Anyone know why this cam is on a N42 L28? Doesnt this cam belong to a 240z?

Also, I was wondering if anyone knew a way to check the liter of the pistons without taking the head off? I'm not sure if my engine has been bored to a 3L.

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nice ride. Really impressed at the custom piping. What do you have next on the to-do list for the 240k? Did you have to upgrade the cam's for that turbo?

When I added EFI to my car, I had to use the N47 head, it has the EFI notches in the head, the extra bolt holes for the EFI manifold, and larger valves, over the original E30 head.

It's still running the original N/A cam, but I can't remember what letter it is, without looking , (can't find any pictures)

as for other mods, nothing planned yet, but most likely cold air intake, some more fine tunning on my MS system, there a new shop just opened in town with a dyno, so I need to check that out..

I'm still looking for a coupe to do up, but there not many around anymore, but I live in hope :-)


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