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I recently bought Doug Piners EP 240z and am going racing! I am looking for any old picts of the car both in blue and yellow paint scheme Doug did not have any I have found a few out there but am trying to build an album of the car for posterity. It was the blue or yellow num 00 car (still blue but now num 08). Also if anyone has picts of the car when it was an ITS car (I think it ran if FL mostly as no 08).


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Car came with 2 nismo DDs op#2 one of which Sam N custom geared, I also have a op #2 DD from an old GT2 car I had in 80s, I am in the process of puting this one in car along with new clutch which I toasted at the Robeling school in Feb. (want to save the custom box for Nat racing).

Sam and Doug made one sweet car, fast and well sorted, was turning 1.24s with no clutch just put it in 5th and drove. This from an old fart with no experience (in other word you could put a trained monkey in and go fast :stupid:) The car is very forgiving and as Greg I. can tell you Sam is the man with these motors. I was not even pushing it and could pass at will. I am looking foward to finding the limits of the car(just very carefully/slowly)

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