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Hazard toggle switch for '71 is shot


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Does anyone know of a source for an original or excellent reproduction hazard light toggle switch for an early '71? I reviewed a lot of older posts on the subject matter, but no comments/advice on where to purchase a replacement. Aftermarket options don't seem to exist for this?

Current switch does not stay toggled in the "on" position, just falls back down and turn signals and hazards don't work No blinky, no clicky, no lighty inside or out. This is a new "Spring-time" issue :cry:as everything worked perfect last fall. Assuming now from all the previous posts on this that the hazard switch acting like this has most likely caused the issue.

Any ideas on sourcing or can this switch be rebuilt?

Thanks in advance,



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Steve, many of the switches used on these older cars can be disassembled, cleaned and contacts repaired. However, the fact that it won't click into the On position sounds more like broken pieces inside.

I don't know of any sources for new or repro hazard switches, but I may have a spare, if a used one will do. Send me a PM.

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Thanks guys for the comments. I'll pull it out and inspect a little more. figured if it was 30+ years old may be just as easy to put a reproduction replacement in if they existed. Since this doesn't seem to be the case, I'll do a little tinkering. I may be back Arne, if if I find what I suspect is broken parts.



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If this is the right one, I'd be happy to slip it in a padded envelope and get it to to for $12 shipped. Hope it helps-



<a href="http://s682.photobucket.com/albums/vv183/datsunzparts/hazard/?action=view&current=DSCN0390.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i682.photobucket.com/albums/vv183/datsunzparts/hazard/DSCN0390.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a><br /><br />


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In case anyone wants to see the inside of a "sealed" hazard switch from a early '71...this is what it looks like. There is a small black "T" made of plastic that has a hole that a small tension spring sticks into. When you operate the switch the spring flexes and allows the "T" to move back and forth across the terminals to open or close one of the two different circuits within the housing. When the hazard switch is in the off position the circuit allows for the turn signal lever to take over control of the lights, when you toggle to the on position the "T" slides and closes the other circuit within this switch to operate the flashers.

Unfortunately, when I opened up the sealed switch i found what I figured I would, broken pieces. The "T" was split in 2 and the tension spring was not held in place. So the circuit was in limbo, neither circuit was completed.:cry:

I mixed up some epoxy and glued the T back together allowed curing for 24 hours and re-assembled. (Pictures show glued T.) When I tried to test the repaired toggle switch the glued T broke again because of the pressure on the mend.

So to be sure that only the broken switch was causing my problem, I removed the T and soldered the connections permanently into the off position and re-installed in the car. I at least have working turn signals and brake lights again, but obviously I can't get flashers since it is now fixed in one postion.

So I'm back to sourcing a replacement hazard switch after a nice lesson on Z wiring schematics.:disappoin

Adam, the switch you are showing is the correct one, however I would like to find one with the white printing still intact if possible. From your picture looks as thought that is worn off. I may be back to you if I can't locate a different one, thanks for the offer. Arne, I'll send you a PM. Enigma, any luck on your end for a '71?







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Sorry for the delay Steve. I believe I have what you're looking for but it's part of a complete hazard/lighter assy. Most of the white lettering (80%) is still in tact, and there's enough relief left to repaint it if you wanted to. I also have a Series I hazard switch missing the knurled mounting ring. Both operate crisply but neither have been electrically tested. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Edited by =Enigma=
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OK, I finally remembered to check my spares. I do have a good working spare switch that appears to be the same physical style as yours, but the logo on the handle is different. I think the one I have is from my 10/70 Series 1, as your 3/71 and my current 7/71 are the same. It looks like the early style has one longer pigtail, but may still work. The one Enigma has that's under the lighter appears to be the correct switch.

First picture is the spare, second is the one in my current car.

PM me if you're interested.



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