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This starting to shape up into a pretty bad weekend.


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First and foremost. a set of headers that i bought last saterday and are a no show. i checked with ups and fedex and there is no shipping info with my address in the system. and zero responses to any of my emails.

I dont think this guy is running scam . he has sold other datsun parts in the past.his account could have gotten hacked,but it doesnt seem like an hacked account cause this was the only auction running.

the paypal was link to a guy name steven oversteer. this is the link


have any of you bought from him before or know this guy?

sorry but when it comes to internet purchases especially on ebay 5 business days are more than enough time to at least respond to emails.


what the hell is it with this none stop cold rain in houston!?!?! if its not raining its drizzling! if its not drizzling its raining! It not the rain that's keeping me from working the car though. its the 40-50degree COLD rain! its been raining 4 days straight now NON-STOP!!! wtf!! i was hopeing to have my z with 4 on the floor this weekend with some new headers on her.

i just needed to vent

..... so how everyone's week so far? anyone having a good week???

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Never bought from him, but his feedback is 251 100% positive, so thats encouraging at least. I agree 5 days is plenty of time to get in contact with you, but I'm sure there will be contact soon with some 'i was out of town' story. Hope you get them soon. They look pretty much like the ones I have...

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