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Broken horn question


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Pardon me for this total newbie way of describing this...

Our 240Z's horn doesn't work. When I removed the headlight switch to clean the contacts, I noticed that the combo switch/turn signal part had a broken plastic tab on the bottom. I had pulled the switches off my 260Z earlier and recognized the broken piece as being what looked like a mounting bracket for a curved piece of metal that appears to be a contact point for the horn, and a loose red wire with a taped up end. I looked in my Haynes manual and couldn't find a diagram showing what it might be.

Is this broken bit a piece of the horn? If so, can be replaced, or do I have to replace the whole switch? I know the horn works as there is a button under the dash that activates the horn, though I haven't checked yet to see if it's directly wired to the horn or patched in through the harness.

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The broken curved piece of metal is the ground contact for the horn button, The red wire in all likelihood use to be the positive contact from the horn. I say use to be since you say you now have a button under the dash that operates the horn now.

You might consider having one or both of your switches rebuilt by Dave, here's his post. I had my done recently...and they came back looking great, or he maybe able to repair, or tell you how to go about repairing the horn contact.


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