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Oil Leak


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Well I have a pretty bad oil leak from between the engine and trans. It drips pretty constantly with the car running. I plan to do a Manual Trans swap when fixing the seal (can't have oil on the clutch); Is it possible to just replace the seal after pulling the trans? Or do I HAVE to drop the oil pan? Do I HAVE to remove the rear main cap too?

How far in and how do I drive in the new pilot bushing for the manual?


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No,you don't have to drop the oil pan to change the rear main seal.Only if it's leaking from the side seals on the rear main bearing cap,chances are it is not.Tricky part is removing old seal,sometimes you can pry it out with a small screwdriver or get one or two self tapping sheet metal screws and screw them in and pry it out that way.When installing new seal,drive it in so the seal lip does not ride the crank in the same place or it might leak. One other thought,it could be leaking from the rear oil galley plug.

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