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Hello from Missouri


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Hello, I'm not new to Z cars, I have been around them for years. I was started into the Datsun world by my father years ago with photos of his '74 260Z he bought new out of college. His 260 rusted away in 1987 (year I was born) and he bought a '87 200SX which we kept untill 2005 when a crack adict plowed his '70's Buick into the rear and totaled it while it was parked in front of our house. Heart broken we began searching for a good Nissan replacement when I found a late 260 on carsoup.com. The Z was from Flordia and had very little rust, it is 305 Lt. Blue Metallic with a black interior and has now been taken back to stock. After all the work I had put into his Z I decided to begin my search for my perfect Z, It had to be a 240Z and it had to be Orange! December of 08 I found MY Z a 1972 Orange 240Z, It was listed on Creigslist as a parts car or serious restore as it has a fair amount of rust and a bad L24. The Z has not been driven since 1983 and put into a garage due to a head gasket leak. Over all the 240 is in good condition, frame rails are perfect (I can see through the rusted abyss of a floor board!) the Z is (of course) 918 Orange with a one year only White interior, that is all original and is in decent shape. I am slowly working on it and hope to have it running this summer. Well thats my story of how my Z came to be, here are some photos of my and my dads Z's --Todd




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