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Another " I'm Bored " Restoration!


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I still haven't found my next Z resto project but while snooping around on craigslist, I found this old "vintage" hand wringer. I'd been looking for one of these for years and couldn't pass this one up despite it's rusted/nasty condition. (plus the $8 price was too good to pass! ;))

My dad had one for years while I was growing up and I remembered how great it was to wring out the chamois and towels after washing the family cars/boats.

So. after a run thru the bead blast cabinet and a little paint, here's the before and after pics.



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Yeah, yeah I know, first the roto-tiller and now this.......I needs me a Z quick, afur I goes nuts! :confused:

Very loco yes, but may I suggest a vintage Tricylce :)

Something with Blue maybe..

Vey interesting to see what you come up with next to say the lest though,

and the related stories :cool:


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Hi Moonpup,

You could buy my 78 280! Its the white one in the classified section. I'd love to sell it to someone who would restore it. Dallas isn't That far from Albuquerque!

CHeers, Chris

Thanks Chris, but it's the 240Z that has my heart and soul!

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