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Choke light won't go out


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History: Choke light and choke both worked. Then choke light worked and choke didn't. Adjusted the cables, choke worked, didn't notice the choke light. Now choke works and choke light is always on.

If I push the choke lever all the way forward the light goes out, but then it returns to it's original position and light goes back on. I figured the cable was too tight so I loosened the clamps and pulled the lever back a bit thinking it would self adjust. But it didn't.

Pulled the lever all the way back with loose clamps then all the way forward and still nothing. Gave up. Cable position doesn't seem to have any effect on the choke light. It's always on.

Choke will surely need to be re-adjusted.

Question: Is there some sort switch for the choke light under the center console that I can adjust so the light goes out when I want it to?

Prepping the car for sale and need to resolve this. Datsun shop manual was of no help of course.

Thanks, Z

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Possibility number one:

When the choke cables were adjusted to the Off setting, the choke lever was not all the way forward (Off position). As such, when you push the lever forward to remove the Choke (or shut it off), the lever cannot travel far enough forward to actuate the N/C switch that's on the front of the choke lever cable housing.

Solution: Loosen the choke cables at the carburators. Slide the lever all the way forward until the light goes off, then tighten the choke cable screws at the carburator.

That is the simplest and most likely scenario of what happened.

Possibility number two:

The N/C switch located on the front of the Choke Lever Bracket below the console has either broken, a broken screw mount that allowed it to travel forward, either of which is causing the lever to not be able to push far enough forward to toggle the switch, or, and this would be rare as the metal involved is pretty stiff, you actually bent the arm that contacts the switch.

Solution: Repair/replace the switch or bend the tang on the lever. But other than breaking the switch, I don't think it would be a matter of a bent piece of metal.



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I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the switch. Even with the cables completely loose, the light doesn't go out with the lever forward. That is... I can push the lever all the way forward and the light goes out, but when I let go the lever comes back a bit and the light goes back on.

So it looks like I'll have to take the console apart. I assume the switch is right under the lever. Wait... I can read... it's on the front of the choke lever bracket.

Is it normal for the lever to spring back a bit from the most forward position? It seems like it has always done this, but now the light goes on when it does.

Thanks, Z

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Hard to say, you'll have to check out the bracket beneath the console. It might be as simple as some dirt/dust/jute that has gotten in there or ...? Normally you should be able to push it to the front edge easily, the rear edge probably not as that travel will be limited by the choke cable pull range.

Once you have it out, you'll see that the little button that gets pushed by the lever is really small and so is the switch. As a result, it's getting damaged or pushed out of the way is not inconceivable.

Post your finding/result.


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