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Hello everyone...new guy here!


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Hello my fellow Z car enthusiasts. My name is Alex and I'm from Toronto, Canada. I'm currently in the process of getting a '72 240z from arizona and shipping it over here. I refuse to buy a Z car from canada or the northern states because of the rust! I have been into Nissan's ever since i started driving about 12 years ago. I just recently sold my S13 240sx I have owned for about 7 years. I'm a very hands on type of person and do almost everything on my own in my garage...from swapping in a sr20det engine in the 240sx, suspension, etc..

I'm also really meticulous when it comes to cars. The slightest imperfection will bother me, whether its a paint imperfection, stone chip, dent, rust, etc..

Thats part of the reason I wanted an arizona car...to give me good starting point with minimal rust.

Well I look forward learing all about these cars and getting everyones advice and tips.

Here are a few pictures of my S13 before i sold it.



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Welcome to the forum! I currently own a '72 that I had shipped from Kansas to California. My main objective was to find a one owner, low mileage car with little or no rust. I got lucky on all counts. Like me, it sounds like you're the kind of person who parks their car a million away from other vehicles :) In late 1989, I bought a cherry red pearl 240SX hatchback when they first came out. I probably would still have if it wasn't for the fact that I got shipped overseas. Again, welcome and take advantage of the forum's seach function to find a lot of good advice. Most of us have been there and done that!

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Welcome aboard fellow canuck!

Smart choice on the efforts to ensure rust-free status.

Almost everything you need you will find on the board.

Also check out www.ontariozcar.com for the Ontario club. Good bunch of people, some neat events.

For hands-on expertise, check out Whitehead Performance (401 & Weston) for mechanical work (doesn't sound like you'll need much). Not always the cheapest, but they've been working on these things forever and Greg & Mike know their stuff. (I need to find their equivalent in Montreal...)

Good luck with the project. Hope to cross paths someday (although I moved to Montreal a couple of months ago).


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