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L28 turbo, how n wat to do


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hey guys im wanting to build a L28 turbo motor and i need ur help,

iv currently got a L20et turbo and its jus not cutting it,

so i was thinkin of buying a L28 block n working with that, is there any parts off my L20et that i can use on the new block without too much drama,

and alse i wana keep it fuel injected so wat would be the best head to suit my application??? i would like to port polish n put bigger valves in the head also,,,, is there a certain set of piston and rods i should use or do i need to go costom pistons? thank u guys so much any feedback will be muchly appriciated as i would like to this done asap, i will also post a step by step photo guid to building this engine for any others that are wanting the same thing,,, so all help im thankfull for guys thank u

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You might want to take a visit to HybridZ, for the info you are looking for! A word of caution......before asking the question, as you did here, use the search function. The info is there if you spend the time to look! The information you asked for would require pages and pages to explain in detail.

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There were two different spec L20AET engines. One has heavy duty internals, like the rest of the L Series family, the other one had internals similar to the L24E (Maxima in the US, Skyline in Oz), small rods and journals.

If you look on the engine block and head, those numbers may be able to tell me which one you have.

Many years ago I bought an L20 turbo (two actually) and grafted the bits onto my L28. I used the turbo cam from the L20 and the intake and exhaust manifolds too. The turbo gives great boost to the L28 at very low engine speeds so it turns the thing into a torque monster. Don't try and rev it because the turbo is too small and you run the risk of overspeeding and killing it. You'll need an intercooler too if your goung to run with anything more than factory boost.

Other goodies include the head bolts, oil pump and cam cover and factory water to oil cooler (if fitted).

Do yourself a favour and get a turbo that won't strangle your top end. VL Commodore turbochargers are just about perfect for the L28!



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