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Newby needs info re: jack stands

CJK '73 240z

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Hi All,I recently bought a '73 240z in need of many repairs... I would like to get it up on jack stands.* My question is - What is the best way (the steps) to jack up the car onto jack stands on all four corners.* What end/side do you start with and where do you end?* Just as importantly... where do you place the jack stands.* This appeares to be a very "well discussed" issue on this and other forums.* There are no really clear photos, pictures or diagrams that I have found showing the exact points of support under the car.* I'm just a new guy with a million questions... and I don't want to get squished under my car before I get a chance to drive it!:nervous:THANKS!!!

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Well it doesn't really matter which end you lift first. The main thing is knowing where the lifting points are and getting the jack stands in the correct spot

To lift the front with the floor jack, lift on the front cross member. To lift at the rear, lift on the differential. (I'm fussy and use old towels on my jack pad to prevent scraping :) )

For the Jack Stands, they go on the frame rails. The Factory manual shows all this which I recommend you get one for your Z. Hopfully your frame rails are solid though and not rusted out :paranoid: If they are, then a new spot will have to be used. where exactly I'm not sure. :ermm:

Here is a couple photos of mine with the front end up in the air when I did my Ball Joints and Tie Rod Ends last year if this helps at all.



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