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Windshield trim. What's under yours?


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With the weather being so not-wintry, I have continued my quest to stop the leaks that plague me on a very inconsistent basis.

With the rear hatch doing well, I figured I would go after the front windscreen. I have had several small rust bubbles form where the cowl meets the trim and wanted to find out how bad it was. Do recall that the cowl on an s130 is not removable (for whatever reason).

When I would wash the car, or the rain would fall heavily, water would accumulate in the driver footwell and was entering from points unknown behind the tarmat.

Additionally (and this is new) when it rains, water would drip down from the inside upper corner of the driver side.


Anyway, the weather was quite nice today and I decided to pull off the upper and lower SS trim.

Here is what I found.

The rubber seal on the lower piece was not installed correctly and allowed pockets of pine needles and crud to accumulate. I think that this accelerated the rust issue (which isn't too bad now that I can really see it). Also, with the rubber trim not extending from edge to edge, water was allowed to enter at the corners, then was able to penetrate the not so uniform window sealant.

Same held true for the top edge.

Next I need to really get in the pillar trim (can't remove it without removing the door weatherstrip) and clean out the stuff that's stuck in there.

Then it's just a matter of sealing and re-attaching.

All of this just got me thinking:

When was the last time you checked yours, and what might you find when you look?


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Before all you S30 owners get alarmed, thats a problem specific to the S130. S30 window seals and trim are different.

Well, that's just nice. Not only can you remove your cowls, you've got better window sealing?

I thought they were different from the photos I've seen, but wasn't sure.

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Each have there own problems.

If S30 owners want to check for rust in the window frame we have to pull out the front window. You can just pull off the trim.

S130's have the modern style of window attachment, the window bonded to the seal, S30's have the old school window surrounded by a rubber seal.

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